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Mappings is a global object which will be available in your microservice. You can define anything in the mappings i.e. key/value pair map, array, etc. You can access these mappings inside your workflows at any time.

10.1 Project structure

Mappings are present in src/mappings directory. The default format is yaml and you can store mappings in the nested directories also. The nested directories are also accessible in the same mappings object.

├── config
└── src
└── mappings
└── index.yaml

10.2 Sample mappings

This is a sample mapping which is accessible in the workflows inside mappings object using mappings.Gender.

Male: M
Female: F
Others: O

You can use mappings.Gender in your workflows as given below:

  - id: httpbinCof_step1
description: Hit http bin with some dummy data. It will send back same as response
datasource: httpbin
personal_email_id: ''
gender: <% mappings.Gender[inputs.body.Gender] %>
url : /anything
method: post