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Static variables

The static variables as well as their values are defined in yaml files under config/ directory. These variables can be replaced as per the business use cases. The default directory structure is given as below:

├── config
│   ├── default.yaml

Any configuration which includes secrets or passwords is recommended to be defined using environment variables only. Avoid using static variables for secrets and passwords.


This file contains some predefined variables. Below is a sample file which defines the static variables used in Godspeed.

log_level: debug
lang: coffee
redact: [] # fields to hide. Sample: ['ns', 'req.headers']
httpbin: # sample api datasource url

log_level is the minimum log level to log. Log messages with a lower limit will not get logged. The default value is 'info'.
The available levels are 'fatal', 'error', 'warn', 'info', 'debug', 'trace' or 'silent'.
lang is the language used for scripting in the workflows. The default value is 'coffee'.
The available values are 'coffee' or 'js'. Refer Coffee/JS scripting for more information.
redact is the list of fields, the values for which, you want to hide from the logs. The default value is blank. Refer Logs field masking for more information.
server_url is the custom server url which you want to use as Servers in swagger specs/auto generated documentation. Refer Custom Server URL